Do Uber Eats delivery workers earn a good wage? Explanation of the salary / compensation structure


How much is the salary?

This is definitely what we most care about before we begin working. In this article, we will explain the Uber Eats delivery workers’ pay!

Actually, Uber Eats delivery workers don’t get paid an hourly rate. (Although there are some rare cases)
Uber Eats actually uses a commission system, based on the delivery distance and number of deliveries completed.

The more deliveries completed, the higher the income becomes.

How much is the pay actually?

With Uber Eats, you are paid per delivery completed, and a special bonus is added on at times. One week’s worth of pay (Mon – Sun) is paid 2 days later on Tuesdays.

Immediate receipt of payment is now possible

With the recently introduced cash orders, it is now possible to receive payment on the day of delivery!

With cash orders there is the demerit of needing to have change ready, but you can receive payment as soon as you completed the delivery.

General hourly and daily wages of Uber Eats

Uber Eats provides services throughout the nation, and the payment system varies slightly depending on the city, but we will talk about the system in Tokyo below.

Although it depends on the delivery distance, one delivery amounts to roughly 600 – 900 yen if you consider the incentive (bonus). This is a rough approximation, and can be lower or higher.
The further the delivery destination, the higher the pay.

Bicycle deliveries are usually for short distances, while moped deliveries are usually for long distances.

Deliveries for long distances can be tough, but you can earn over 1,000 per delivery sometimes.

If you delivery 2-3 times per hour, then the hourly rate adds up to 1,200 – 1,800 yen. You should expect 10,000 yen – 20,000 yen if you work for a day.

I’ve seen a professional delivery worker who claims that he earned 40,000 yen in a day. That’s quite incredible..!

By the way
The weight or amount of the food you deliver doesn’t affect the pay.
Since it’s a food delivery, you may sometimes delivery food for 5 people, or just one drink at times, but the pay will be the same.

The Uber Eats pay changes depending on the time of day as well as region. But how exactly? Let’s take a deeper look.

Calculation method of Uber Eats pay

The payment structure is as below:

(1) Basic fee × (2) Boost + (3) Special campaign – (4) Service fee

Below, we will introduce the detailed formula of salary. If you don’t care about the details, feel free to skip this section.

(1) Basic payment for delivery

Here’s the basic payment for Uber Eats deliveries

(a) Receiving fee: 300 yen

Once your receive the food at the restaurant, you earn 300 yen.

With Uber Eats deliveries you might receive two different dishes for two different delivery destinations, but the receiving fee still comes out to one order’s worth (300 yen).

(b) Delivery fee: 170 yen

Once you hand the food the the orderer, you earn 170 yen. If there are multiple destinations, you earn a delivery fee per.

(c) Distance fee: 150 yen/km

You earn about 150 yen per 1km for the distance between the restaurant and destination. If there are multiple deliveries then the distances are added up.

Summary up to here

For example, one delivery of 2 km delivery distance is 300 yen (receiving fee) + 170 yen (delivery fee) + 150 yen x 2 km (distance fee) = 770 yen.

Also, if you deliver to 2 destinations from the same restaurant, with one destination being 1km and the other 1.5 km away, you will earn 300 + 170 x 2 + (1+1.5) = 1,015 yen.

However, there is no need to remember the exact formula because it is a bit complex. Let’s just remember that the general amount is about 700 – 1,000 yen.

(2) Boost

Boost refers to the how much the income will be multiplied by. Take a look at the following for example.


It is displayed as “1.6 x" and “1.8 x" for each area. This is boost, and is multiplied to “(1) Basic fee".

For example, if the boost factor is “2.0 x", your income is doubled!

The boost rate changes depending on the day of the week, the time zone, and the order status of the food. The ratio increases at lunchtime for example, when orders increase.

The latest information is on the delivery app, so check it out.

(3) Special campaign

For Uber Eats deliveries, special campaigns (incentives) may be offered to include extra income on top of the base rate.

There are various special campaigns and contents, so I will explain these at the end of this article.

(4) Uber service fee

There is unfortunately a service fee at the end.

A 35% fee will be deducted for “(1) Basic fee “.

There is no charge for “(2) Boost” and “(3) Special Campaign”. What a relief!

So…what’s the hourly wage?

Deliveries can be completed about 2-3 times per hour, so it will be around 1,200-1,800 yen if it is reworked to an hourly basis.

However, this can vary considerably depending on the time, area, weather, etc.

During the busy lunch hours, you can deliver three or more items per hour, so the hourly wage is often more than 2,500 yen.

My personal record is 7 deliveries in Shimbashi during the busy lunch hours.

On the other hand, there aren’t many order on Uber Eats between 14:00 – 17:00, so your hourly wage will go down. This is why there are many delivery workers who “only work during lunchtime and dinnertime!” for efficiency’s sake.

There are also “at-home workers” that stay at home, and only go deliver when they receive a notification on their app.

Earn more with incentives and special bonuses


I can not write in much detail due to confidentiality reasons, but there are in fact times when the hourly wage goes higher than this. This is because there are special campaigns (incentives) that are offered at times. They are also called Quest, Promotion, and Special Bonus.

The contents of the special bonus are announced by e-mail, and by the deliveryman app. Here is an example.

Incentive based on number of deliveries

There are incentives that are often promoted for when xx yen are rewarded if you complete xx deliveries in a day.
These can be small amounts like “800 yen for 5 deliveries”, to big ones like “10,000 yen for 20 deliveries”, and varies widely depending on the time and city.
When you first start delivering, you will need time to get used to it and will be lucky if you complete 2 deliveries in an hour. But once you get used to it you could do 5 or even 6. Once you find a store (such as McDonald’s) in your neighborhood that receives many orders, it will become easier to earn these bonuses.

Rainy day bonus

On days with bad weather, there are more orders online and less delivery workers. A rainy day bonus may be offered at times like these.

It’s tough to deliver in the rain, but it is also a chance to make a little extra, so definitely give it a try if you’re up to the challenge.

Hourly wage incentive

With this incentive, Uber Eats will guarantee a minimum hourly wage.
For example, if you were only able to complete one delivery in an hour and the earning for that delivery was 500 yen, then your hourly wage will be a measly 500 yen.
But if there is a 1,500 hourly wage incentive, then Uber Eats will cover the 1,000 yen that you fell short on.

There are many other bonuses (There have been lottery bonuses, Quo card bonuses, etc. in the past…)
Please try out being an Uber Eats delivery worker once!

Highest earning you can make with Uber Eats, and tips on delivering

How much can you make with Uber Eats? Let’s think on a daily wage basis.
As already explained, the payment structure of Uber Eats is the following:
(1) Basic fee x (2) Boost + (3) Special Campaign – (4) Service fee, so use the following strategy to increase your income.

  • Increase the number of deliveries
  • Deliver efficiently when the boost ratio is high
  • Make full use of the special campaigns
  • Use a moped bike if you really want to earn a lot

Increase the number of deliveries

Needless to say, it is essential to increase the number of deliveries to increase income. For this purpose, it is extremely important to understand delivery tips.

  • Know which restaurants receive many orders
  • Whereever you go, don’t get lost

As you get used to delivering, you will begin to notice restaurants that receive many orders, and you will become familiar with how to read maps, and the ins and outs around your neighborhood so that you don’t get lost.

Because your income is determined by delivery distance, getting lost is a loss of time. If you can avoid getting lost, then you will be able to efficiently earn more money.

Deliver efficiently when the boost ratio is high

When delivering for Uber Eats, what you should consider more than anything is the times of day when the boost ratio is high. This is more often than not lunchtime and dinnertime.

Focus especially on lunchtime, and work hard to deliver as much as possible. It’s best to take a break after lunchtime.

Make full use of the special campaigns

The special campaigns are also essential. When the delivery frequency bonus is activated, it’s most important to focus on the number of times you deliver.

Make sure to check your e-mail and app for special campaigns. It’s also crucial to have a firm grasp on restaurants nearby that are popular and receive many orders.

Use a moped bike if you really want to earn a lot

If you’re delivering for Uber Eats simply as a side job, then using a bicycle is perfectly fine.

But if you’re looking to make it your main and only job, then it’s without a doubt better to use a moped bike.

  • You can deliver farther distances with a moped, and earn more
  • The delivery time will decrease, so you can deliver more times
  • You don’t expend energy

Of course, mopeds cost more maintenance costs than bicycles, but it’s still better to use a moped bike even with that considered.

Highest daily income achievable with Uber Eats

I’ve seen a delivery worker who said that he earned 40,000 yen in one day. I believe that it must have been a rainy day, and he fully utilized the boost and special campaigns, delivering from early morning to close to midnight.

I’ve never seen the number 50,000 yen, so 40,000 yen seems to be the absolute maximum you can earn in a day.

How to become an Uber Eats delivery worker

If you want to become a delivery worker for Uber Eats, then first register here (^^)

After registering online, you must go to a registration meeting just once. Pick the location of your choice.

※ Previous campaigns such as “special bonus for completing 30 deliveries" have ended now, and no matter which site (from any invitation code) you subscribe to, there is now a different campaign “Minimum pay guaranteed up to 30 deliveries". Talk to the staff at the explanation meeting for details!

What kind of job is Uber eats? What are the merits?

If you’re concerned about this, then read these articles!

General procedures to begin working

1. Register online and make an account > Upload I.D.
2. Attend a registration meeting at a Uber Eats partner center > done!

Check out the details of how to register!

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